From Pipe Lining to Inspection, Brushing to Cleaning - our Seamless Cloud Platform and advanced PCB technology streamline every step for maximum productivity and performance.

Sync & Unify Data
Real-time data updates and centralized access to project and repair parameters, enhancing searchability and repeatability.
Smart Project Management
Streamline project management and collaboration with a user-friendly platform and role-based access for data confidentiality.
AI-Driven Planning
Minimize downtime and optimize productivity with powerful planning tools and 100 TOPS AI computing power for advanced applications.
Direct Connect & Updates
Reliable, all-in-one integrated PCB solution with easy management of motors, sensors, relays, and I/Os, plus remote software updates.
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We offer high-quality pipe rehabilitation solutions with a variety of liners and resins. Our liners can handle vertical and horizontal pipes, bends up to 90°, and changes in width. We also have resins for different pipe materials with strong mechanical properties and chemical&thermal resistance.

Reliable and durable repairs.
The combination of high-quality liners and resins ensures long-lasting and dependable repairs for a variety of pipe materials.
Eco-friendly options
Methacrylate-based styrene-free resins are environmentally friendly and suitable for air freight delivery, making them a convenient and sustainable choice.
Customizable solutions
The liners are fine-tuned to work seamlessly with the resin and equipment, providing a tailored and optimized solution for each project's unique requirements.
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AI solutions

Introducing our cutting-edge AI solutions designed to streamline your business and enhance customer experiences. By adopting these you will unlock a new level of efficiency and convenience.

CrewAssist - Less Work
AI-enabled crewmate solution using image recognition and object detection to optimize repair processes and reduce manual input.
DeviceAssist - Less Stress
AI-driven device assistance platform with intuitive voice commands for easy equipment operation and natural speech recognition.
SiteAssist - Less Confusion
AI-powered website creation solution supporting 28+ languages and providing smooth access to information via AI chat interface.
SalesAssist - Less hassle
AI-guided visitor assistance for inquiries and buying process, offering customized quotes, pricing, delivery times, and easy payments.
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